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We specialize in working with brink leaders – leapers, bridge-builders and influencers – to develop collective leadership and change leadership capability.


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Novalda is a change leadership coaching and consulting services company.


What is change leadership?


Brink Change Leadership

Brink is our signature three-month online change leadership course.

Make a conscious choice to develop your leadership skills and create a collaborative team that thrives on change. The Brink Change Leadership Course guides you through everything you need to know about the process of change, and explains how you can lead with more purpose, flow and ease.

The next public session of Brink begins soon.

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About Our Services

Team or Group Course

Relationship Systems Intelligence

In RSI@WORK™ In-House Training for Leaders, discover a systemic approach to working with teams which allows all voices to be heard. Change is inevitable, constant, and necessary and the ability to navigate change is the hallmark of organizational health.

RSI@Work is an in-house training course that provides a robust toolkit for leaders to increase the emotional resilience and agility of themselves and their teams in the face of change.


Three Month Group Program 

Mastering the Art of Team Coaching

Are you a trained and/or certified team coach eager to share your skill, yet don’t know where to start? Do you feel held back by the fear of not knowing what to do when?

Join Kerry Woodcock and Sherry Matheson, two experienced team coaches with a diverse range of training, background and experience, to demystify all you need to know about the team coaching process.

This three-month group program begins in September 2019.

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For Leaders

Novalda helps visionaries and leaders to develop leadership capability through our signature change leadership program, Brink, as well as a foundational program in mastering leadership and one-to-one customized leadership coaching packages.


For Teams

Novalda’s thoughtful and inclusive approach to organizational development includes training and coaching services to help teams develop their collaborative skills, collective leadership and change leadership capability.


For Coaches

Coaches who are ready to refine their techniques and ally with others can take advantage of Novalda’s services, including upgrading coaching skills and ICF credential, along with coach mentoring and mastering the art of team coaching.


We’re a Collaborative Team of Coaches.

We co-create an atmosphere of courage and commitment, connection and collaboration, and curiosity and creativity from which powerfully responsible and accountable relationships emerge.

Kerry Woodcock

Kerry Woodcock

Principal, Change Leadership Coach


Lucy Shenouda

Lucy Shenouda

Leadership Coach


Sherry Matheson

Sherry Matheson

Leadership Coach


Insights from a World of Change

Steps for Successful Team Coaching

Steps for Successful Team Coaching

Why team coaching? Why now?   As organizational coaches, with a decade of experience in coaching systems across industries, cultures, structures and at different stages of evolution, we hear these two questions over and over. While an organization’s leadership or...

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Using Rank Responsibly

At the heart of change leadership lies a simple truth - to develop a culture that draws the best from each member, we must remain conscious of how rank, power and privilege can affect the discussion.   Part of a leader’s role is to design a conversational space...

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Reigniting After Burnout

Burnout is what happens when we ignore the soul whispering against an unhealthy job or relationship. • Dr. Dina Glouberman   I was completely depleted. We’d just come out of a meeting where we’d finally aligned on a forward action. Our team had agreed on this...

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Intelligent Failure

We are all failures - at least, the best of us are. • J.M. Barrie   Years ago in a training course, I was asked to stick a label to myself marked ‘failure.’  I looked at our leaders in disbelief. Surely this was a joke. No one in their right mind was going to...

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