Novalda Coaching & Consulting Inc. amplify the power of relationship.

We work with leaders, teams, organizations and complex systems to develop powerful relationships with self, others, and the world.

Powerful relationships create the energetic space from which to weave stories that connect us all, collaborate to innovate, and lead change for a world of change.


Novalda develop systems-oriented leaders.

We increase awareness, intention, and skill in leaders' relationship with oneself, others, and the world.

We develop emotional, social, and collective intelligence: developing understanding of oneself and other’s emotional experience, and the ability to identify with and collaborate with teams and complex social systems.


We are Relationship System Specialists, providing coaching and consulting services for leaders, teams, organisations and complex social systems.

We are multi-passionate abundant collaborators. We walk our talk.

We are a constellation of systems-oriented leadership and team coaches working with you through powerful co-coaching relationships to bring a diversity of powerful experiential learning and development possibilities.