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Our Purpose

Powerful relationships lead change for a world of change. Powerful relationships collaborate to innovate. Powerful relationships weave stories that connect us all. We amplify the power of relationship with self, others, and the world.

Inspire, Lead, Emerge! Create a climate of change and inspire true urgency. Develop the mindset for change and lead at and over the edge of change. Create a culture of change and emerge transformational leaders and leadership. Lead change for a world of change.


Inspire, Imagine, Innovate! Inspire a collaborative atmosphere. Imagine the creative possibilities. Innovate courageous products, processes, and services of enduring value. Collaborate to innovate.


Amplify, Connect, Transform! Amplify all the voices – even the unpopular ones. Connect communities in collaborative dialogue. Transform lives. Amplify the power of story and weave the stories that connect us all.

Our Process

Powerful leaders, teams, organizations & complex social systems are systems-intelligent. Our process develops systems-intelligence, designed and delivered through in-person, virtual & blended transformative experiential learning & development.

systems intelligence (ˈsɪstəm ɪnˈtɛlɪdʒəns) n. 1. The whole that is greater than the sum of the parts 2. Emotional Intelligence (knowing me) + Social Intelligence (knowing you and me) + Collective Intelligence (knowing us) 3. The knowledge, awareness, intention & skill to relate to oneself and others as a system of multiple selves & integrated head, heart and gut 4. The ability to reinterpret the experience of oneself and others as an expression of the system. 5. Powerful relationships acting intelligently to create powerful results 6. Novalda Coaching & Consulting Inc

Complex Social Systems


Powerful networks are created by a constellation of people working together in collaborative teams. We are a constellation of coaches working in collaborative teams. As systems-intelligent leadership coaches, we are masters at creating an atmosphere of courage and commitment, compassion and collaboration, and curiosity and creativity from which powerfully responsible and accountable relationships emerge.
Kerry Woodcock
Founder, Change Leader, Collaborative Innovator, Story Weaver
Lucy Shenouda
Leading Change Specialist
Sherry Matheson
Collaborative Innovation Specialist


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